Solving the collision problem of DC Nets – PLLS 2016

Jeroen van de Graaf The international workshop "Protection of Long-Lived Systems" was held for the first time in Darmstadt from 18th to 19th July, 2016. It has been part of the Security and Privacy Week 2016 (SPW16). With increasing digitization, the number of long-lived systems and services increases rapidly. For example, digital archives such as genomic databases will have to operate for many decades or even centuries. The protection of such long-lived systems against security risks is indispensable. Most of the security technology used today appears to be inappropriate for protecting long-lived systems. This is particularly true for cryptography. Keys chosen today will be too short in the future or they may leak over time. Researchers may find new attacks against schemes that are considered secure today. Therefore, the protection…
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There is a simple pattern which shows that some specific dates (day and month) in a year ALWAYS fall on the same weekday, nicknamed D-day. For 2016, D-day is Monday. (1) The days 04/04, 06/06, 08/08, 10/10 and 12/12 all fall on the same week day -- D-day. (2) The days 05/09, 09,05, 07/11 and 11/07 also fall on D-day. This can be remembered by the mnemonic  "He had a 9 to 5 job at 7/11" Because of leap years January and February are slightly more complicated: (3) The last day of February (mathematically known as 0 March) falls on D-Day. (4) In leap years (divisible by 4) the 4th of Jan falls on D-Day; in non-leap years the 3th of Jan falls on D-Day. Additional explanation: (1) occurs because…
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