There is a simple pattern which shows that some specific dates (day and month) in a year ALWAYS fall on the same weekday, nicknamed D-day. For 2016, D-day is Monday. (1) The days 04/04, 06/06, 08/08, 10/10 and 12/12 all fall on the same week day -- D-day. (2) The days 05/09, 09,05, 07/11 and 11/07 also fall on D-day. This can be remembered by the mnemonic  "He had a 9 to 5 job at 7/11" Because of leap years January and February are slightly more complicated: (3) The last day of February (mathematically known as 0 March) falls on D-Day. (4) In leap years (divisible by 4) the 4th of Jan falls on D-Day; in non-leap years the 3th of Jan falls on D-Day. Additional explanation: (1) occurs because…
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